The Willoughbys

How to interfere as a narrator and narrate about the interference, in The Willoughbys. The director Kris Pearn, Cory Evans and Rob Lodmermeier's The Willoughby is too much. Too much good, too much bad, too funny, too dramatic, too political, too sincere and at the end too much of a mess. Don't get me wrong,... Continue Reading →


How to "Hulk Out" by Odinson, in a non-Marvel film, in Extraction. The director Sam Hargrave's Extraction is a questionable event. Not a film, but an excuse. Is the film dark (especially how raw the film grows when it comes to depict its younger characters) because it thinks that it would be cool, jarring and... Continue Reading →

After Life

Following, follows the second season. The writer and director Ricky Gervais's After Life is no doubt a character study of emotions on the basic human level that we all relate to. And on that subtextual note, if we see just the x-ray of the written script of the first and the second season, the way... Continue Reading →

Color Out Of Space

How to use visual effects to tell a story, rather than the other way around, in Color Out Of Space. What I love the most about the director Richard Stanley's Color Out Of Space is the way it expresses the wonder of the horror genre. Something, that I feel, could only be achieved if he... Continue Reading →

The Hangover Trilogy

How to know yourself, the audience and the characters, in the Hangover Trilogy. So no can beat Todd when it comes to challenge his sense of humor. For the writer and director Todd Phillips' The Hangover Trilogy is so much aware of its essence of humour that that self-consciousness became its doom that pushed  ]one... Continue Reading →

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

How to be a proud member of the society and dissolve as a contributor solute, in Never Rarely Sometimes Always. A positive is always a positive. The film starts with one of the most basic scenarios and sticks to that same form of grammar throughout the journey. The premise, the conflict, the solution though may... Continue Reading →


How to cheat and distract to achieve that beautiful lie that we are all afraid of, in Se7en. A conversation between Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman is a beautiful summation of what and where is this all coming from or leading towards or is all about. A conversation not about the characters or the case,... Continue Reading →

Richard Jewell

How to move forward step by step, okay, more like baby steps, in Richard Jewell. So clocking for more than two hours (I never worry or fuss over the runtime of the film) it took me so much time and no justification on why the makers insist on going through the charades. It is baffling... Continue Reading →

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