Groundhog Day

How to squeeze everything you can from a character, every last bit of drop that could be integrated showcasing the phase, the side of that very character resulting into, obviously the only way out, the film advances forward through those very earned spectrum of emotion. What I love about the film is that unlike the... Continue Reading →


How to surprise and delight and inspire everyone by going back to the basics, in Babe. The writer George Miller and not the director Chris Noonan’s Babe, an adaptation of the book “The Sheep Pig” by Dick King-Smith, is simply a good film. Proper understanding of characters and the world they are wrapped around. Just... Continue Reading →

We Own The Night

How to execute a not-so-steady material with firm belief in yourself that balances the state, in We Own The Night. The writer and director James Gray's We Own The Night, owns the essence of everything it focuses on. From the crime world, to the dirty off-stage police work, to the lonely dark nights simmering outside... Continue Reading →


How to stand up in important issues, subject that you care about, in Atlantics What an incredible list of supporting characters they have. They come in and shift the film a whole new side. From positive to negative. It switches on and off within a blink. Personal favourite scene is when the commissioner comes in... Continue Reading →


How to play a film and film a play, in Una The director Benedict Andrews's Una speaks through not just action but objects. And of course not even using words. Though I must admit the times the film uses words, it is to solely express the intentions and being on the nose. How, on the... Continue Reading →

Kicking And Screaming

Both types of action, that the title claims to be lacking in the film and that's the only thing you can whip Noah for, in Kicking And Screaming. The writer and director Noah Baumbach's Kicking and Screaming is funny. Natural funny, not let me set this or that up so that when this or that... Continue Reading →

The Lovebirds

How to try and then try harder and then push and then push again, until it breaks, screams and annoys, in The Lovebirds. So this is going to sound a little weird. Get this. The film has humor that organically emerges up situationally but the plot points on the other hand casts quite a leap... Continue Reading →

The Song Of Bernadette

How to simply gaze and wonder in the wonders of the creator, and I mean both God and the filmmaker, in The Song Of Bernadette. What a blend of mixture of genre. Leave genre. It pits one of the most basic component debates, in the ring and the fight that we see is quite an... Continue Reading →

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