Mary Queen Of Scots

Pretentious Tug Of War Rourke's period drama has both, the essence of that era and plethora of drama to fuel the film, what it lacks vigorously is the attitude to own that throne. There is no romance between the audience and the characters; none at all, and hence this repulsive script sets the doom for... Continue Reading →

The Kid Who Would Be King

And The Kid Who Would Rule. Cornish has made a delightful treat for the kids and the adults. This '70s textbook plot breeds the sincerity it had decades ago with a taste of the 21st century humor and ideologies. And this is something that we get fresh right out of the oven, since these teenage... Continue Reading →


My Beat. My Rhythm. My Dream. Noe's choreographed drama is well coordinated and far from being a masquerade. Frankly, it is not an easy job to watch this film, it tests your intelligence and then pushes the boundary further than you can see. It is an enigma in itself. Without that code, it cannot be... Continue Reading →

John Wick: Chapter 2

Another Brawling Job. Stahelski's second round of this everlasting boxing match delivers the insight of the mythological world that these criminals reside in. And with it comes rules, contracts, honor, betrayal and blood. Spilling out blood more than ever, this too much of everything still never R rates the screen with bloodbath, it owns that... Continue Reading →

John Wick

A Clear Polished Job. Stahelski's action trilogy is every fan boy's wet dream. He clearly ought to be one of them to justify and glorify the characters like such on screen. His old productive textbook methods are testament to why it works and we nod so effervescently in his every possible scenario even though it... Continue Reading →


A Chaotic Christmas. Favreau's take on Christmas does exactly what such feature demands, a lot of magic, a lot of love and a whole lot of innocence flooding across the screen. The first act being of course dipped in irony, as a whole new magical world is projected where most of the jokes are pulled... Continue Reading →


Far From Home And Close To Relative. West And Cohen's documentary leaves you at a perplexing state, definitely inspired and moved by it, but often questioning. Is it well crafted? Yes. Was there room for improvement? Way too much. And I presume, that is what kept me itching throughout this documentary. It sincerely respects the... Continue Reading →

A Private War

Up Close And Personal. Heineman has made a drama that is at peak of humankind's worst fear and it is a true story. A riveting take of his on the infamous journalist whose social service echos in our generation is for every woman herself. From head to toe, this has and always will be Pike's... Continue Reading →

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Write Me And Write Me Well. Heller's Scorsese-like invasion on literary world ensues chaos with equal sincerity where the stakes might not be white or black and life or death, but its pragmatic theme surely makes it look like one. The structure follows a typical textbook method, with the first act being the chase of... Continue Reading →

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