Lost Highway

How to make you scratch your brain or help yourself into scratching it voluntarily, in Lost Highway. The writer and director David Lynch's raunchy and seductive take on femme fetale thriller genre is, no different than any othe David Lynch brand. It is exactly how you'd expect which is always an oddly unexpected ride. But... Continue Reading →


How to be afraid of even discussing, let alone, criticizing the content of a magician's work, in Dune. The writer and director David Lynch's Dune is a potential candidate for the ultimate list of films that remains to be desired. I don't know how to describe the film. Let's just talk about the result, then.... Continue Reading →

We Own The Night

How to execute a not-so-steady material with firm belief in yourself that balances the state, in We Own The Night. The writer and director James Gray's We Own The Night, owns the essence of everything it focuses on. From the crime world, to the dirty off-stage police work, to the lonely dark nights simmering outside... Continue Reading →


How to cheat and distract to achieve that beautiful lie that we are all afraid of, in Se7en. A conversation between Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman is a beautiful summation of what and where is this all coming from or leading towards or is all about. A conversation not about the characters or the case,... Continue Reading →

The Invisible Man

How to stare into the abyss and start imagining your desires or fears, in The Invisible Man. Dark Universal's The Invisible Man, written and directed by Leigh Whannell starring Elisabeth Moss is not something I was excited for. There. I have said it. Now that we have got that clear, let me emphasize on how... Continue Reading →

The Gentlemen

How to behave cool even though you are not, in The Gentlemen. So what is this morbid fascination of ours, as an audience, to watch these con artists con each other as their obsession over the simplest though definitely a vital aspect of human emotions overlapped or diminished or snatched by these gentlemen? The writer... Continue Reading →

Hell Or High Water

I am going to be honest here. I am not a fan of the writer Taylor Sheridan's work. I respect him as a writer and have learned and have been inspired from the simplicity of his work, in his writing. Another thing to note in Hell Or High Water or any other of his scripts... Continue Reading →

Logan Lucky

All hail, the lord that shows us, feeds us, moves us, what we know, think and wish a heist should look like. Eccentric characters, page-turning one-liners and good old music. Steven Soderberg’s Logan Lucky is a reincarnation for the genre that he aced decades ago and what his perception is towards those flicks in these current... Continue Reading →

Pulp Fiction

This does show that pen is, indeed, mightier than sword.  Pulp Fiction has considerably been Quentin Tarantino’s career defining project and it is raw and honest. And maybe that’s why it holds a place in one of those rare milestones that can and does hold up against time. But screenwriters Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avery... Continue Reading →

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