Young Sheldon

Following follows the first three season. Young Sheldon; a spin-off of The Big Bang Theory, that was created for the fans of Sheldon Cooper is on the contrary, more disappointing for the viewers to watch, since their beloved character gets ripped off by dull writing. Its primary objective from the first episode wasn't set off... Continue Reading →

Modern Family

Following follows all the season. Modern Family being critically acclaimed, loved by the fans and even buzzed on award shows in its earlier stages was due to the hard and fast humor that swiftly resulted into genuine emotions on the screen and the projection of some of the most complicated and delicate relationships like a... Continue Reading →

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Following follows the first two season. The creators Graham Roland and Carlton Cuse are responsible for this Amazon's popular original show. There is probably everything wrong in that sentence and yet factually it is correct. If the term "original" is on trial then it is for Tom Clancy's novel that reprised the lead character Jack... Continue Reading →

Russian Doll

Following follows the first season. The creators Leslye Headland, Natasha Lyonne and Amy Poehler are onto something. The idea isn't just a hot trending topic in the bar or internet- as the kids call it- anymore but a thoroughly satisfying world blending plenty of unexpected genre in these New York streets. From neo-noir to horror... Continue Reading →

Marvel’s The Punisher

Following follows the first two season. Lightfoot's almost R rated take of this beloved character of comic books, holds no bar on glorifying its protagonist to its peak with all possible tactics. The mean street themed anti-hero of ours may resemble a lot to its companion Murdock, but as far as morality and sanity clause... Continue Reading →

Narcos : Mexico

Following follows the first season. Bernard and Miro's crime drama is a ruthless gripping infomercial television, that is blazing guns and exploding business on all stations. It has always been the epitome of close calls. It feeds itself on it for the most part of it. And this time with a tightly packed screenplay a... Continue Reading →

Better Call Saul

Following follows the first four seasons. Gilligan and Gould were no mistakes, no fluke, no exception, and this is a fine example of it. The creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, are pulling off something I have never seen happen and work, certainly not to this scale. One of the rare and some might even... Continue Reading →

Stranger Things

Following follows the first three season. The Duffer Brothers are gushing out over 70s fantasy films in this splashy trend setting love letter to the now-teenagers and the ones back then. Ergo, the affection received by the fans comes flooding in, not for the razzle dazzle that this world thrives for but the accuracy it... Continue Reading →

Sharp Objects

Following follows the first and the only season. Sharp Objects is a character driven miniseries created by Marti Noxon that depicts an emotionally challenged reporter whose current project or case has got her into revisiting her hometown and past that eventually spirals out series of dreadful events. It is rich in technical aspects like stunning... Continue Reading →

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