After Life

Following, follows the second season. The writer and director Ricky Gervais's After Life is no doubt a character study of emotions on the basic human level that we all relate to. And on that subtextual note, if we see just the x-ray of the written script of the first and the second season, the way... Continue Reading →

Mrs. Fletcher

Following follows the one and only season. Tom Perrotta, the creator is working on an important project. It shouldn't have come off that way but it does. There is nothing wrong but nothing right either. So after the first chapter, the series pretty much gives its trajectory away, consoling us on what kind of show... Continue Reading →

Silicon Valley

Following follows all the seasons. The Complete series. This is IT guys. Sorry. John Altschuler, Mike Judge and Dave Krinsky, the creators of a nerd fest phenomenon, are sensationally and accurately on mark. And this is what they want. Should want. Getting their point across the room considering what it follows. The fans won't leave... Continue Reading →

Castle Rock

Castle Rock is basically a mixture of all the mythological saga that we have witnessed. It's just that this religion has Stephen King as the God. Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason, the creators of this show are crazy fans of the Stephen King novel. For it is only their love for the stories, the characters,... Continue Reading →

Bojack Horseman

A staggering feat of achievement. Sharp, light on its feet (relatively!) and compact in its vision. The creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg is a genius. If not for anything, he is definitely good in pursuing us to follow the route, the track, he wants us to follow. And that is not done by hammering his opinions in... Continue Reading →

Cobra Kai

Following follows the first two season. The 80s hip and happening cultural shot gets a love letter it needs, not the one it deserves, though. The creators of this YouTube series are clearly fans of the characters and their legacy more than they are of the film itself. And that very passion of theirs is... Continue Reading →


Following follows the first two season. Hader and Berg are just goofing around. But sort of like how professionals do, when they are so confident in their malleable world and three dimensional character. And with silly ideas thrown left and right, comes a responsibility to own those bizarre twists and turns, and sensible one liners.... Continue Reading →

Black Mirror

Following follows the first four season. Brooker has got the perfect dream. This double edged sword is will always be untouched by the time factor, in the sense that it isn't affected by the length of the series. Since after each chapter the clock starts ticking from zero, it doesn't actually matter how long and... Continue Reading →

The Good Place

Following follows all the season. Everything. Michael Schur, the creator of this PG-13 hellish facade, has a similar concept to those yogurt shops that his world is surrounded by, a bit questionable and a whole lot of fun. The bumpy ride of this train has had its ups and downs, but its potential always outweighs... Continue Reading →

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