Familiar Strangers

Murat has placed us in his film. You, you and even I star in his film. And still I feel that his most difficult task would be to place himself on screen. What better, sweeter note to end his project on! Murat Sayginer, the writer and director, is one of those few artists that starts... Continue Reading →


Patel’s outlook towards life and death is simple and raw. I like both aspects of it. Mihir Patel, the writer and director, is probably at his best stage in this project. Ironically, that is not what his film is about. It deals with exactly the opposite of what he oozes on screen or more appropriately... Continue Reading →

Wicca Book

Wicca Book has a book in it. And words in it. But not dialogues. None. And still it expresses explicitly what it tries to achieve. Simply good. With unexpected shocks and chilling sound effects that unconventionally zaps you with scars, it is thoroughly entertaining. Within the first act, the film marks its success when you... Continue Reading →

Good Works

The antithesis is the way in and the way out. What you get in the middle- and you get a lot!- is all extra cheese. Enjoy the meal. The director D. J. Remark is definitely aware of the script. Or Jason Orr, the screenwriter was aware of it, from day one. I am going to... Continue Reading →

The Tattooist

Thought provoking and vibrant. As much as short the runtime is, this arthouse project stays in your head for days. Days! Michael Wong is completely on a new island, here. He is challenging himself and if he is in this new field, biking, hitch hiking and surfing violently, he wants his audience to go through... Continue Reading →

The Story Of 90 Coins

Exactly like the poster suggests. A promise. A misunderstanding. And regret. Well placed, choreographed and jumbled piece of storytelling. Michael Wong's directorial debut is a gift wrapped in 9 minutes that periodically delivers to its promise. Sort of like the story itself. The story revolves around a couple in a modern era who thrives for... Continue Reading →

Charlie Chaplin

With Love, To Charlie. Often it is recommended to see the work of Charlie Chaplin with like subtitles- the one that explains the themes and even jokes- and also the subtextual theme that it sings so melodiously. Chaplin is above all, one of the best filmmakers I know of. Maybe, that is because I wish... Continue Reading →

The Flying Fish

Brace yourself for a more controlled roller coaster ride, the beat, the choreography, is spectacular. Sayginer loves color. He loves them. More than he would even care for the sketch that binds or defines those colors in. The creator Murat Sayginer beautifies the purity of the elements in the nature with vivid metaphors expressing the... Continue Reading →

Occurrence At Mills Creek

It is the mythology passed on like heritage along with few other sinister behaviours that cradles you into this nightmare. Swanson lives for the pleasures of the horror genre and his splashy attitude towards it, will make the fans drool all over it. In times, where political correctness and gender equality is forced by the... Continue Reading →

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