In A Relationship

How to smirk behind the camera thinking that you're conning the audience, in In A Relationship. The writer and director Sam Boyd's sort-of teenage love story In A Relationship is a big scandal. And I don't mean just the way it is promoted, but also the way it unfolds itself. It's quite a painful journey... Continue Reading →

Quo Vadis

How to create a victorious environment among the crowd, a crowd that is losing, in Quo Vadis. This paradox of contradiction is where the protagonist lies. That is where he is in his stage of life when we meet him. He has a proper hero's journey arc. The inciting incident, midpoints and "all is lost"... Continue Reading →

Shrek Universe

How to promote as you're against the stereotypical agenda and fuel your film with that very agenda, in Shrek Universe. The Shrek Universe suffers from a very common disease. It’s cookiness, uniqueness fades away very quickly and what’s left at the end of the day is the very thing they’ve been running away from. Maybe,... Continue Reading →

Only You

How to follow all the conventions of the genres but spread them on an unconventional base, structure of the world, in Only You. So this is why I am drawn towards the simpleton romantic comedies of older times. This is why I hope everyone is in love with those rainy Saturday evening flicks that oozes... Continue Reading →

Groundhog Day

How to squeeze everything you can from a character, every last bit of drop that could be integrated showcasing the phase, the side of that very character resulting into, obviously the only way out, the film advances forward through those very earned spectrum of emotion. What I love about the film is that unlike the... Continue Reading →

The Lovebirds

How to try and then try harder and then push and then push again, until it breaks, screams and annoys, in The Lovebirds. So this is going to sound a little weird. Get this. The film has humor that organically emerges up situationally but the plot points on the other hand casts quite a leap... Continue Reading →

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Roberts is practically given a higher themed role that deserved better treatment and respect than it got. The director P. J. Hogan and the writer Ronald Bass seem to have some sort of miscommunication. For the film feels different on paper and looks completely different on screen. It works for the most part of it... Continue Reading →

Down With Love

Loud colours. Cheap insulting jokes. Cheesy set. Cartoonish production and costume designing. And one of my favourite love stories. This could be my favourite outing that resides in the director Peyton Reed's world or filmography. And mind you Peyton Reed gave us Marvel's light hearted superhero and still this film remains to be the one... Continue Reading →

My Cousin Rachel

No technical aspects, no major aspects are helping My Cousin Rachel. Why? The writer and director Roger Michell's adaptation of the ironical cynicism is not the joke that they were looking for. That we are looking for. That the author of the novel looked for. Every breath of the film wants to be witty in... Continue Reading →

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