8 Mile

How to compose a feet-tapping score, tease the audience with it and never actually play it, in 8 Mile. What I took, personally, from the director Curtis Hanson's 8 Mile is how to stretch and test the patience of the protagonist. A story is a protagonist's journey and the writer Scott Silver understands it perfectly.... Continue Reading →

Frozen 2

In terms of musical genre, Frozen 2 is balanced, if not perpetually gifting its audience what they expect. Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, the co-writers and directors, may not be able to convince everyone to hum along this time. Especially not the audience as large as they gathered previously. But it is not their fault.... Continue Reading →


Zellweger's come back is a roar that does not shut others up but provokes them to sing along. Rupert Goold has an excellent vision on how to treat a biography as sensitive as such. And he is extremely delicate in his procedure as well. Fortunately, it works only for Renee Zellweger's powerful performance does all... Continue Reading →

Blinded By The Light

Just as The Boss and his music, the film has a rocking pace, it will surf right past you, smoothly. The co-writer and director Gurinder Chadha is only looking for a sweet film. And he makes it. Simple and catchy. The musical isn't actually a musical and this drama isn't always a drama and as... Continue Reading →

New York, New York

The mixing of genre isn't confusing, it's just not palpable for either of the soundtrack. Scorsese's take on the musical genre is so Scorsese that I find it amusing at first rather than impressed. For almost three hours, each frame, characters and elements are yelling proudly that they are in the director Martin Scorsese's film.... Continue Reading →

School Of Rock

A shining proof of Linklater's brilliance, even something known and outdated feels so fresh. Linklater's love for music is something that cannot be beaten. But I think someone is challenging him in this project. In fact, I'd say Jack Black wins this round by a marginal merit. And I know that he is the one... Continue Reading →

Wild Rose

Harper is not serving anything new in the table, but this family recipe is a reaffirmation of the good old days. Harper is a hardworking common man. Or that's at least how he crafts his film like. In his defence Nicole Taylor's script calls for it, but it is not just that. He could have... Continue Reading →


The romance is a distraction along with every other theme, The Beatles and the affection for them keeps it alive. Boyle has a treat for us. A desert, to be precise. And even though there are no Michelin stars embedded or awarded to it, the mood is set charmingly by the eternal music of The... Continue Reading →

Guy And Madeline On A Park Bench

Chazelle is an excellent director, even better than he is a writer, check this one, for example. Chazelle is a musician. That's a known fact but he is a true fanatic. Now the difference is, that he craves for the chills that he gets when he listens to his favorite records. Now, Damien Chazelle is... Continue Reading →

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