Shaun Of The Dead

How to know of the range of your genre and script, in Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's Shaun Of The Dead. I have seen both of them talk about the writing process of their trilogy, especially about Shaun Of The Dead in detail. Their structure is more pronounced and is easy to adapt and relate.... Continue Reading →

Color Out Of Space

How to use visual effects to tell a story, rather than the other way around, in Color Out Of Space. What I love the most about the director Richard Stanley's Color Out Of Space is the way it expresses the wonder of the horror genre. Something, that I feel, could only be achieved if he... Continue Reading →

The Invisible Man

How to stare into the abyss and start imagining your desires or fears, in The Invisible Man. Dark Universal's The Invisible Man, written and directed by Leigh Whannell starring Elisabeth Moss is not something I was excited for. There. I have said it. Now that we have got that clear, let me emphasize on how... Continue Reading →

Wicca Book

Wicca Book has a book in it. And words in it. But not dialogues. None. And still it expresses explicitly what it tries to achieve. Simply good. With unexpected shocks and chilling sound effects that unconventionally zaps you with scars, it is thoroughly entertaining. Within the first act, the film marks its success when you... Continue Reading →

Castle Rock

Castle Rock is basically a mixture of all the mythological saga that we have witnessed. It's just that this religion has Stephen King as the God. Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason, the creators of this show are crazy fans of the Stephen King novel. For it is only their love for the stories, the characters,... Continue Reading →

Good Works

The antithesis is the way in and the way out. What you get in the middle- and you get a lot!- is all extra cheese. Enjoy the meal. The director D. J. Remark is definitely aware of the script. Or Jason Orr, the screenwriter was aware of it, from day one. I am going to... Continue Reading →

Day Of The Dead

George had pushed himself in the previous chapter. This seems like overstretching things. Now, does that pay off? Come on, that's subjective. But, no. I, or anyone for that matter, would be and should be austere towards the writer and director George Romero's beloved zombie-defining trend-setting horror franchise. It comes with a lot of expectations.... Continue Reading →

Dawn Of The Dead

As far as the scares are concerned, I am not scared. Lucky for George, he has plenty of other colors to paint this wall with something else. If Night Of The Living Dead is confined, specific, Dawn Of The Dead is all over the place. Showcasing all the repercussions and boasting all the showcased scenarios.... Continue Reading →

Night Of The Living Dead

The arrogance, the miscommunication is horrifying. There is no deal, nothing on the table, no table at all. Everything is up for grabs and burns. Among many filmmakers achieving their own various milestones in their first project, this one could be the ideal example, the milestone of that sub genre list- if there is any!... Continue Reading →

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