Jumanji: The Next Level

The second round is so not the first one. And THAT IS IT. The only common denominator is the lively bickering between Johnson and Hart. The co-writer and director, Jake Kasdan updates this new game with few changes. Now as far as those changes are an improvement, we are hooked into this game. To be... Continue Reading →

Terminator: Dark Fate

Arnold's biceps is something that doesn't need any visual effects, it looks fabulously magnetic in an IMAX screen. The director Tim Miller's version of Terminator is well.. Tim Miller-esque. Also, over the years we've all had our versions of Terminator. Just like we would think of any other infamous franchise that catches our eyes.. nay,... Continue Reading →

Sky High

We are letting it go a lot and in return we occasionally get a few morbid chuckles to survive. The director Mike Mitchell grabs a teenage superhero flick like a fascinating idea. Don't get me wrong, it is. The metaphors are sugar coated or more precisely cloaked or masked in a way to gather the... Continue Reading →


It is exactly like a late night talk show, it is not for everyone, for not everyone can endear the experience, the pain and the laughs. Todd Phillips is a magnificent beast. Who'd have thought of that. Although I'd definitely mention my theory that still stands tall and strong. If a director can make a... Continue Reading →


The slow motions should not be taken for granted, only great, great filmmakers know how to shoot it. Joon-Ho Bong, the co-writer and the director of this dream project sectioned under sci-fi is constraining your imagination through meticulously crafted set pieces. In a way one can say that this is completely opposite to the Blade... Continue Reading →


Rylance is an exceptional performer, not the meltdowns, but he makes the "good morning" count. I know that there are tons of visual effects studios that throws their fliers every month on your face gloating how far and above has the technology reached. I am not even rummaging around the storytelling and the quality of... Continue Reading →

The Abyss

Cameron understands each individual emotion so perfectly, almost humanly, that you have to give in. James Cameron's another sci-fi adventure surprisingly doesn't resemble with Ridley Scott's Alien but Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters Of The Third Kind; I know that's a lot of name drops, but I am going to try and write about the film... Continue Reading →

Kill Bill Vol. 2

The end of the line, no more circles, no more juggling, this circus show has a speech for its last act. Tarantino's second and final volume of this gore-y tape is a profound quest for balance. I cannot emphasize more on how beautifully does this satisfying sequel carries the first one. If you were a... Continue Reading →

Kill Bill Vol. 1

Tarantino's love for the color "yellow" is intriguing; understandable, but equally intriguing. Tarantino lyricizes violence in a groovy rhythm. You'd have to have a strong willpower to not cave into his admittedly derived and catchy style. The writer and director Quentin Tarantino is honoring B grade films. In this phase of his filmography, he, with... Continue Reading →

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