"I, Patty Jenkins, hereby choose spectacle over substance." Wonder Woman 1984, co-written and directed by Patty Jenkins is a better instalment for me. Mind you, it's a better film, in respect to the previous installment, just not a good one. It breeds a beastly ideology at the heart of the film and never learns how... Continue Reading →

The King Of Staten Island

How to pull the punch line even when the joke didn’t reach that stage, in The King Of Staten Island. So I found an uncanny resemblance in the co-writer and director, Judd Apatow’s The King Of Staten Island with the director John Wells’s Burnt. In the sense that both of these films pushes its character... Continue Reading →

Da 5 Bloods

How to whip, hiss, cuss, sweat and bleed in a Spike Lee Joint and then turn that to eleven, in Da 5 Bloods. The co-writer and director Spike Lee's Da 5 Bloods is a moral argument, above all. Lee is mature enough to argue in that very field. And smart enough to know that simply... Continue Reading →

Life’s Too Short

How to jump into the wrong set of shoes and force it to adjust to your size, in Life's Too Short. The creators Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Warwick Davis's Life's Too Short is a lazy, though genuine, piece of art. A lot of the content that is used as a gimmick to make you... Continue Reading →


How to mix two opposite poles of the genre, family drama and preachy religious genre, in Ordet. The director Carl Theodor Dreyer's Ordet works as a shining example of the good old belief system that has always been on trial. Personally, I care more for the family drama. Now this is quite an odd take... Continue Reading →

8 Mile

How to compose a feet-tapping score, tease the audience with it and never actually play it, in 8 Mile. What I took, personally, from the director Curtis Hanson's 8 Mile is how to stretch and test the patience of the protagonist. A story is a protagonist's journey and the writer Scott Silver understands it perfectly.... Continue Reading →

Quo Vadis

How to create a victorious environment among the crowd, a crowd that is losing, in Quo Vadis. This paradox of contradiction is where the protagonist lies. That is where he is in his stage of life when we meet him. He has a proper hero's journey arc. The inciting incident, midpoints and "all is lost"... Continue Reading →


How to be afraid of even discussing, let alone, criticizing the content of a magician's work, in Dune. The writer and director David Lynch's Dune is a potential candidate for the ultimate list of films that remains to be desired. I don't know how to describe the film. Let's just talk about the result, then.... Continue Reading →

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2

How to fall under the norms of the genre and the tone of the film, in Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2. They are trying way too hard to make us laugh. Jokes are forceful, punches are pulled unnecessarily and physical comedy is dragged too much, overstaying its welcome and milking, I don’t know... Continue Reading →

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