The Informant

It is wildy and deliberately misleading. You don't get that in a genre like such just like the character that doesn't fit in a film like such. The director Steven Soderberg has been in these cases for so long. Almost a pro. "Almost" is relative here for Matt Damon is the king. The Godfather. He... Continue Reading →

Only The Brave

Brolin makes you care about everything and he keeps himself at the bottom of the list. No wonder, he is at the top of mine. The director Joseph Kosinski's films are not something that have caught my eye. And that is saying a lot, considering how his filmography contains one of the biggest, shiniest, loudest... Continue Reading →

The King

The choreography of how they talk is incredibly exhilarating, almost as if they are fighting with their swords. David Michod, the co-writer and director, has a non-violent approach to this infamous story about war and betrayal. Neither does it come off mature nor pretentious. But what it is, is that it is really smart for... Continue Reading →

Official Secrets

So Ralph comes in later, way too late. And still he takes over the film like, um.. you know who must not be named. Gavin Hood is so not the director I would think of when a geo-political story is to be deconstructed on the screen. And is probably the only reason why this film... Continue Reading →

The Aeronauts

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones have an impeccable on screen chemistry, I mean they carried the whole movie guys. The co-writer and director Tom Harper, as I have always mentioned, believes in the authenticity of those old style filmmaking techniques. He knew they worked. He applies them here. And it works. Simple as that. You... Continue Reading →

The Way Back

Mountains and forests and deserts and war, everything is surpassed victoriously, except for the building that we call, "home". Peter Weir, the co-writer and director fails to novelize the idea of seeking and losing. There are hints in the film where you can see him finally getting the right message communicated to you, the audience.... Continue Reading →

Dolemite Is My Name

Murphy plays on the ground, the stage is for someone else and he is generous enough to know that and give it to others. Brewer's film is a groovy Marvin Gaye song. Just like the one it is played in the back by Snoop Dogg at the beginning of the film which we will come... Continue Reading →


The climb is high. High on everything. Overstuffed yet empty. There is no difference in rattling or shivering. The director Baltasar Kormakur is not to be blamed. Well, a little. But he shouldn't carry the load, no matter what his title in the film says. So is it the script? Yes and maybe no. How... Continue Reading →


A horse riding race is fast, gripping, scary and roaringly fun, the film is nothing like it. The director Randall Wallace's film is an annoying wanna-be milestone that has no stone whatsoever to topple your perspective. Stone, as in gravitas. Weight. Everything is lofty. In a bad manner. All is for grabs and all is... Continue Reading →

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