Richard Jewell

How to move forward step by step, okay, more like baby steps, in Richard Jewell. So clocking for more than two hours (I never worry or fuss over the runtime of the film) it took me so much time and no justification on why the makers insist on going through the charades. It is baffling... Continue Reading →

The Two Popes

For a film that bases its premise of two guys having a conversation, offers us very little sparrings between them. Who’d have thought that would be an advantage! The director Fernando Meirelles is stirring things up a bit. He has an avant garde approach for this story. Sure. But it isn’t related to the storyline.... Continue Reading →

The Hoax

The Hoax is nothing like you'd expect. Sort of like the very definition of the title. Hey! There's your first clue. They are getting things right. Lasse Hallstrom, the director, is an optimistic fellow. He has to be. Or so he projects himself as. Armed with a bizarre true story and even ridiculously funny script.... Continue Reading →

War Dogs

War Dogs is in many ways a mistake. A good, admirable one. But nonetheless a mistake. Almost as if Jonah Hill's character is going to deny or defend it. The co-writer and director Todd Phillips makes a wannabe Adam McKay alike biography. Unfortunately, it is not smart. It is not sensible. What it is, is... Continue Reading →

The Report

This theory is more convincing. It is humble and confident in its logistics. I bought it because they weren't selling it. The writer and director Scott Z. Burns has returned after a while in the director's chair with an effective procedure and one and only one thing in his mind. Politics. While the film mostly... Continue Reading →

Dark Waters

Todd's welcoming gift to this article alike film is important. Grammatically incorrect and even lofty in its speech. But suitably important and that is enough to peddle. The director Todd Haynes's desk is under tons and tons of paper. The challenging ones are shuffled in a two hour narration and sprinkled incoherently as opposed to... Continue Reading →

The Irishman

So what do you do when you have defined the genre, sealed it tight, preserved with time that keeps mining excelsior from it. You open the bottle, says Marty. The director Martin Scorsese tells his story, his perspective, his unbiased take visually. He is one of the few directors alive and working passionately, hungrily(!)- You'd... Continue Reading →

Ford V Ferrari

Bless Bale and Damon and Balfe and Ford and Ferrari. So rare when everything, everyone, cries for one lap. One perfect lap. The director James Mangold is deservedly and in my case surprisingly in the lead in the Oscar race for the Best Direction trophy. And I am including the best of this year's most... Continue Reading →

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