Antz is a good film, a good children's show, I wouldn't take my kid, but my nephews, sure, hop on. Dreamworks, looks like, is once again trying desperately to be part of a crowd. They are saying crowd cheering, obvious things. They are late, even by the animation standard. For the storytelling looks like a... Continue Reading →


No more worrying about the red sirens, not donuts but candies are popped in those cars. Dreamworks is no Pixar or Disney. Dreamworks in its own words remains a dream. The filmographies that comes under its banner is a mixed bag of feelings for me. And if those mixed feelings have subjects like ineffective procedure... Continue Reading →

The Good Dinosaur

The dinosaur IS good, empathetic and every bit of heroic as it has rights to be; maybe that's why it doesn't fit in this era. Pixar is humanized and humbled by this project. And I love that part. For a production house, that perpetually prints out good quality game changing products, it is good to... Continue Reading →

A Bug’s Life

Pixar is on a strike, would be understanding things they have never seen a fall remains the truth. Pixar is covering another part of the world as an excuse of educating and entertaining the children whose pseudo effect is serving a compelling drama for adults. Or at least that's what it feels like. And this... Continue Reading →

The Lion King

This so-called live action remake has got some extra footage of action, but it is not alive. Favreau, as I have always said, calls for authenticity in his films. His methods remind you of the old filmmaking style. I have never seen him go for some avant-garde style and never have I left the screen... Continue Reading →

Toy Story 4

The big question is, whether all of this was worth it? It's a big, yes. Anything for Woody. Infinity and beyond. Cooley understands the kinetic momentum of these Pixar productions. And Pixar might as well be like The Beatles, right now. Incredibly careful and sensitive about their releases. So it goes without saying that the... Continue Reading →

The Secret Life Of Pets 2

Money well spent, or money spent, or just money, this trajectory is quite mandatory in this franchise. Chris Renaud (revisiting) and now Jonathan del Val; the directors, are no secret keepers. But then, it is no secret that the series never had anything new to offer. So shall we. I would start with the content,... Continue Reading →

The Secret Life Of Pets

I think there is a reason we can't understand animals and aren't aware of their secret live, it is this film. Chris Renaud and Yarrow Cheney, the directors, are not the supervisor to have. But then I wouldn't just blame them. In fact, I wouldn't blame them at all. The writing is bizarrely dull. It... Continue Reading →

Ghost In The Shell

Oshii draws a line on the humanitarian subject and the visuals keeps breaking the boundary, what a pleasure to watch them chase each other. Oshii is painting like a kid. Highly innocent and equally honest. The director, Mamoru Oshii, has a precise vision about this world. In fact, the script itself might not have enough... Continue Reading →

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