The Song Of Bernadette

How to simply gaze and wonder in the wonders of the creator, and I mean both God and the filmmaker, in The Song Of Bernadette.

What a blend of mixture of genre. Leave genre. It pits one of the most basic component debates, in the ring and the fight that we see is quite an image to behold. Gloves off, bleeding knuckles and pumping heartbeat. Not what you’d have thought this day was going to be like? Imagine my delight when I encountered this spectacle. The director Henry King’s The Song Of Bernadette is simply what I had wanted my film to be. A film that sparks debates regarding Science and Religion. Henry King simply does that in the film. It’s a complete experience. His direction is similar to that. Simply stating what you’d like to state. Maybe, that’s why he doesn’t even include the participation of the audience, he makes sure that his film remains independent to whatsoever factors.

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