Shrek Universe

How to promote as you’re against the stereotypical agenda and fuel your film with that very agenda, in Shrek Universe.

The Shrek Universe suffers from a very common disease. It’s cookiness, uniqueness fades away very quickly and what’s left at the end of the day is the very thing they’ve been running away from. Maybe, that was the intention from the first place, maybe that’s what was supposed to happen. But why I can’t stop banging my head on the wall is because there is no prior or beyond suggestion of accepting or denying that world. They don’t address it. And when it comes to its sequels and prequels and spin offs, it all turns out to be a soap opera melodrama wrapped up in mushy gushy emotions that we couldn’t care less about. The only advantage to be extrapolated from is Antonio Banderas as Puss In Boots. A genuinely impactful performance that leaves a long lasting smile in our face, something that the entire cast and the fairy world of Shrek fails to do.

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