Quo Vadis

How to create a victorious environment among the crowd, a crowd that is losing, in Quo Vadis.

This paradox of contradiction is where the protagonist lies. That is where he is in his stage of life when we meet him. He has a proper hero’s journey arc. The inciting incident, midpoints and “all is lost” are some of the most pronounced acts. The director, Mervin Leroy’s Quo Vadis, has tested well against the time. And to my surprise, where it excelled was the entertainment factor. It is gripping, exhilarating and has a charming set of juicy characters. And as far as the theme is concerned. It has the classic debate. Contrast. Faith vs Speculation. David vs Goliath. Dependency vs. Independency. Who won’t start beating their chest as they walk out of the screen. Quo Vadis is an energetic, simplistic take on history, politics and a love story.

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