How to mix two opposite poles of the genre, family drama and preachy religious genre, in Ordet.

The director Carl Theodor Dreyer’s Ordet works as a shining example of the good old belief system that has always been on trial. Personally, I care more for the family drama. Now this is quite an odd take on the family drama genre. Normally, the family drama crosses its branch into opposing the views and raising the conflict among the characters, the family members. Not to say that the film doesn’t have those elements present, there are characters that love to strike their horns whenever they share a screen. But Carl never lets them in one room. So how does he advance the plot? He uses external force, outer threat to create nail-biting scenarios that pierces right through your heart as it dominates the views, ideologies, beliefs of our lead team that we’ve been rooting for. Kudos to the cast as well, that serves satisfying images within four walls.

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