Only You

How to follow all the conventions of the genres but spread them on an unconventional base, structure of the world, in Only You.

So this is why I am drawn towards the simpleton romantic comedies of older times. This is why I hope everyone is in love with those rainy Saturday evening flicks that oozes warmth and cozy environment around you. It’s the simplicity in the title and the way it treats its audience. You don’t need to think twice about the actions of the characters but don’t get me wrong. This doesn’t mean that those films are stupid or one-dimensional. It treats its audience with full heart. Just emotions flooding across the scream forcing you to judge it on nothing but that very factor. There is a rush of excitement that you feel when you go through these many emotions and the range it grants us with. By the end, you don’t question the hard work put in by Robert Downey Jr. or Marisa Tomei’s obsession, their chemistry grabs you by your collar and makes you swoon over them and the director Norman Jewison, justifying its title Only You repeatedly in each scene of the film.

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