Lost Highway

How to make you scratch your brain or help yourself into scratching it voluntarily, in Lost Highway.

The writer and director David Lynch’s raunchy and seductive take on femme fetale thriller genre is, no different than any othe David Lynch brand. It is exactly how you’d expect which is always an oddly unexpected ride. But what I have to take and should take from this film is the shifting of the driver, in the driver’s seat. For the vagueness of the film is not to be even touched at, but wonder in its guns-a-blazing approach. Electric guitar, slow motions shots, seductive editing and Patricia Arquette, at the helm, taking control of the film. She puppeteers the film the way she juggles these petty gullible characters. And still the genius of Lynch remains in how he changes the protagonist of the story and still carries that same emotional weight from its audience, like all along, we’ve been rooting for this guy and not Bill Pullman.

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