In A Relationship

How to smirk behind the camera thinking that you’re conning the audience, in In A Relationship.

The writer and director Sam Boyd’s sort-of teenage love story In A Relationship is a big scandal. And I don’t mean just the way it is promoted, but also the way it unfolds itself. It’s quite a painful journey dipped in montages that are used every now and then as an excuse to display a change in character. Though, to be honest, none of the character arcs makes sense, And when I say that, what I mean is the earnest, or apathetic sense of presence of those changes. You don’t feel as if you have earned any of those plot points that keep popping in front of us. It’s a film not aiming for high but then it doesn’t even achieve what it sets out to. And not to forget, the performances are shambles. They’re not helping this paper thin content as well.

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