How to be afraid of even discussing, let alone, criticizing the content of a magician’s work, in Dune.

The writer and director David Lynch’s Dune is a potential candidate for the ultimate list of films that remains to be desired. I don’t know how to describe the film. Let’s just talk about the result, then. Does it not work because it is not relatable? For it is so highly detailed and each detail is pushing us so far with an agenda of delivering us something fresh and new that instead it ends up being something impossible to emotionally connect with. Every fantasy is supposed to take us somewhere but not to forget that it should emerge from the necessity, the desire of actually saying something that we struggle, crave and live for. And not simply dazzle. But then I can’t go out and say that as well. It’s not some commercial love child. It is not all sizzle. It is not all glitter and not all gold.

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