How to blurt out your frustration like you have a radio show to air, daily, in Choked.

The director Anurag Kashyap’s Choked is another adventurous thrilling ride manufactured with a signature stamp of Anurag And Co. And just as any product of his that you buy or better buy, it comes with a Disclaimer sign of consistency and rawness. Mind you, both of these aspects are filtered with sensible points of views and fairness. Something that such argumentative, provocative political films do not possess. Don’t get me wrong, those are more than welcome, especially the ones that deliberately place itself out, strip itself naked and happily make its own situation vulnerable, easy to point a finger at. Choked is Anurag’s way of rattling the rusty cage but also bulletproofing its content by giving a spin that gives him a long, fat get out clause. And this is how he directs this film. Not as an argument, but a valid, valuable side of the argument. And remember, a side.

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