How to surprise and delight and inspire everyone by going back to the basics, in Babe.

The writer George Miller and not the director Chris Noonan’s Babe, an adaptation of the book “The Sheep Pig” by Dick King-Smith, is simply a good film. Proper understanding of characters and the world they are wrapped around. Just like every other animated film, it is powdered with a pleasing pretty face to drool over and behind it lies a strong powerful theme pulsating with a layered monstrous food chain logic hammering us constantly at the back of our head. This dynamic is something that you never get used to and that is a deliberate choice by the maker. What an amazing story more than a film. And as far as the Babe: Pig In The City is concerned, George Miller wears the cap of the director and treats his lovable characters like those make-up wearing hunters from his Mad Max world. The half of the film spends its time on the road, running, chasing for its last queen. And if I am not wrong didn’t he, for his climax, literally borrowed from the catchers of his bombastic vision of that crazy world. But this is not some schtick that he has to rely upon but a genius of his to extract the one common note from the two different genres of the film that he has made. If one is heavily interested in electrifying its ideas through jaw dropping visuals then the other is to awe you with its exaggerated cartoon world. And the one thing that both requires is a wide range of imagination, something that Miller has in spades.

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