8 Mile

How to compose a feet-tapping score, tease the audience with it and never actually play it, in 8 Mile.

What I took, personally, from the director Curtis Hanson’s 8 Mile is how to stretch and test the patience of the protagonist. A story is a protagonist’s journey and the writer Scott Silver understands it perfectly. He keeps adding trouble, conflict and other plot tracks with different angles and characters that not only thickens its second act but promises us, the audience with plenty of teasers that we can presume are going to be thrilling. The arcs are going to be satisfying when it completes, is what goes in your head. Unfortunately, that’s where it stays, in your imaginations. I wanted a physical win. A hard and tough win. Surprisingly a film with such a provocative premise, never convinces me to nod my head to its beats. What a shame.

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