The King Of Kings (1927)

How to give a hero’s journey to an already heroic personality, in The King Of Kings.

The tragic journey of the director Cecille B. Demille’s The King Of Kings is not particularly a tragic journey. It’s a win. A tale of hope. Good conquering over evil. But what left me banging my head on the wall is the way it treats its protagonist, a God. Though he does great deeds, the way we look at him is always a guy out and about on a journey growing big among his followers, society ready to make a mistake. We are constantly worried about him, though we know the story, though we understand that he is, after all, the all-mighty. So how does Cecille do that? He does it by picturizing his protagonist on screen by not who he actually is but how the other characters conceive him to be. Which is current and new for them. Mysterious for them. Might even be foreign for them.

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