The Big Lebowski

How to be smart but not care, in The Big Lebowski.

“I don’t get it.” has been my answer to this film since the beginning. And I think there is a film in this journey itself. The writer and director, Joel and Ethan Coen’s The Big Lebowski is fun to think about and odd to experience. Luckily, I come under the target audience of the kind of humor they are aiming for. Yet, with such repellent characters and an imbalanced world, I find it difficult to keep rooting for these people or smile satisfyingly while witnessing this unjustified world. A dry, disgusting, meandering plot, if, is the material in their head they wish to explore, then Coen Brothers are great directors. Things communicated through jargons used by the characters in the script vary and even at times, don’t fit to their characteristics. This trial enjoys itself more than the audience does. A film of such grammar has always connected with me. But this one felt short on creating any whatsoever empathy for its character. There is no reason for me to see The Dude win or lose or go through anything. “I get it.” I am going to conclude after watching it multiple times. And I don’t like it.

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