RJ Dhvanit

How to be adaptable and preach to be adaptive, by RJ Dhvanit.

The only Radio Jockey that I know and would want to know about, Dhvanit Thaker, pops up on Mirchi Station, in the morning, wishing us good morning. Dhvanit has such a magnetic grammar and command over not just the language but languages. And that is what he does. That is how he swoops in such a large crowd with catchy attention seeking pop-culture references and good old pointy memories shared with often unpopular fresh takes or perspective. Dhvanit jumps from Hindi to Gujarati to English to ten other regional languages. People separate his professional personality to his real self. But if you look closely, read between the lines, you will clearly be able to see that his scripted speeches and his on-the-spot improvisation has very little difference in it. He has quite a large range when it comes to communicate with someone. He knows that he has that range. He uses it. And thus, he becomes it.

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