The Hangover Trilogy

How to know yourself, the audience and the characters, in the Hangover Trilogy.

So no can beat Todd when it comes to challenge his sense of humor. For the writer and director Todd Phillips’ The Hangover Trilogy is so much aware of its essence of humour that that self-consciousness became its doom that pushed  ]one of the most successful R rated comic franchises too far into a big fall. So the core of The Hangover lies on reforming the normalization of the society through this one small circle, pack of wolves. And after the first big hit, it is expected for the audience to get used to the oddball opinions of this small circle, a fragile bubble, by now. Now, Todd being the trickster he is, what he does is change the formula and shoves this pack of wolves in a scenario, environment, situation where they have now become the normalcy for us. And this juggling of these two aspects could only be pulled off twice and is why for the most part of this trilogy (two-third, as accepted by the audience) works. There is still a lot to look for and lose control over in this plummeting trilogy.

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