How to “Hulk Out” by Odinson, in a non-Marvel film, in Extraction.

The director Sam Hargrave’s Extraction is a questionable event. Not a film, but an excuse. Is the film dark (especially how raw the film grows when it comes to depict its younger characters) because it thinks that it would be cool, jarring and more impactful or because it truly has something genuine to extract out of these scenarios? I was waiting for the answer. An answer to the question that it asks very early in the film but never even dares to answer. For the theme of the film is something that can be wildly opinionated. And is that why the makers are dodging these questions? If so, then are they playing safe, after being so brutally honest to those characters when visually the film takes charge. And if not, then what was it all amounted to. All in all, Extraction is the kind of a film that has some gibberish in between two explosions. Care for it or do not, it just keeps on moving with none wiser at the end of the reel.

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