After Life

Following, follows the second season.

The writer and director Ricky Gervais’s After Life is no doubt a character study of emotions on the basic human level that we all relate to. And on that subtextual note, if we see just the x-ray of the written script of the first and the second season, the way it contrasts, is simply magnificent. How in the first season, the depraved, disgusting, destructive views and takes of Tony played Ricky Gervias himself, is going hand in hand in this second season with simply a kind, generous and selfless Tony. He might as well have mirrored the entire first season and we wouldn’t know the difference. And there is also one other factor that he adds, knowing the trajectory of the character and his series, he makes Tony open and welcoming to his conditions but he doesn’t make those conditions easy, keeping the struggle still alive. He has also smoothly changed the storytelling from a first person point of view to a third. This gradual progression has been seamlessly a genius move by him. But all of this works on themes. When we think about Tony and his story (or more like not just his story, since Gervais repeatedly tells us how this is not a heroic story of one guy) layer after layer, it proved us with enough content, but when that story is present in front of us, there is no authenticity in the execution. I felt very few scenes organically progressing towards an unknown destination, but a plot point reaching to say, position X just because it was necessary.

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