Richard Jewell

How to move forward step by step, okay, more like baby steps, in Richard Jewell.

So clocking for more than two hours (I never worry or fuss over the runtime of the film) it took me so much time and no justification on why the makers insist on going through the charades. It is baffling and inexcusable for it isn’t clear on how these formal government papers should land. But the director Clint Eastwood’s Richard Jewell has all the elements in a film of wrong-doers, conspiracists and a classic tempered investigation by faulty characters. Yet, above all the thing that I swoon over the most is the signature of Eastwood present all over the film. He just makes it look easy. It shouldn’t be. It isn’t. But when Eastwood does it for you it does. Everything falls into pieces just as it should have.

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