Logan Lucky

All hail, the lord that shows us, feeds us, moves us, what we know, think and wish a heist should look like. Eccentric characters, page-turning one-liners and good old music. Steven Soderberg’s Logan Lucky is a reincarnation for the genre that he aced decades ago and what his perception is towards those flicks in these current times. Every bit of that sentence, I feel, has been spread across the film with such specificity that you cannot not adore the love he has towards his film and genre. Unlike, previous trilogy Soderberg’s deconstruction of juggling multi-starrer film is not to focus on elements. What Soderberg loves the most above anything else in his script is causal progression. As once a wise man said, “..leave as soon as you have enough ingredients to cook the next scene..” And that is what he follows. From the first conversation between a father and a daughter to the last conversation between the two. Bookends were never so joyous and fruitful as they are here. Simply marvellous.

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