Familiar Strangers

Murat has placed us in his film. You, you and even I star in his film. And still I feel that his most difficult task would be to place himself on screen. What better, sweeter note to end his project on!

Murat Sayginer, the writer and director, is one of those few artists that starts working from the scratch. Not only is that rare but beautiful to watch. Where previously he had explored every possible element existing in this world that we live and breathe in, this time he is focusing on those bots that often or not are representatives of ourselves. And he chooses those faces with an incredibly rich deepfake technology because his own world revolves around them. He is a proud member of that culture. And we, of his achievement, which reminded me of those hand-knitted sweaters that my grandmother used to give me. Surprisingly, it too used to have her face in them.

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