Wicca Book

Wicca Book has a book in it. And words in it. But not dialogues. None. And still it expresses explicitly what it tries to achieve.

Simply good. With unexpected shocks and chilling sound effects that unconventionally zaps you with scars, it is thoroughly entertaining. Within the first act, the film marks its success when you start caring about these characters. By using nonlinear narration, familiar characters overlapping each other’s plot tracks and simple exposition, the film conveys and delivers much more than you’d anticipate. What’s intriguing here is that it isn’t done by revisiting the same locations but letting the characters go through the same procedure and not the same set pieces. This helps him keep things fresh and exciting for the audience. And for me, it was when we are scared for and of a human character rather than any superficial element. That is a big win. That is Vahagn’s ace in his hand. He uses it beautifully. This is something that big classic horror films have done over the ages. He does it with such nuance that you almost root for the wrong doers. The situation pushes us more than the characters for them to break a few rules and bend some laws. Vahagn uses a phone call, opening of a package, elimination of the background score rather than slipping it in to give us the goosebumps. I know that this does not sound like the usual or safer method to go for while having the intention to scare you. This is refreshing. And works perfectly.  It is not sassy nor too immersed in its own world. It respects ours and its own world. And maybe that is why invading that privacy remains to be the most consistent thing in this world.


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