Mrs. Fletcher

Following follows the one and only season.

Tom Perrotta, the creator is working on an important project. It shouldn’t have come off that way but it does. There is nothing wrong but nothing right either. So after the first chapter, the series pretty much gives its trajectory away, consoling us on what kind of show it is and to what extent is it going to be safe. But nowhere does this go how you’d have anticipated and that is the best compliment I could give this to this miniseries that is taking bold choices in each step. Katherine’s performance, instincts and medicinal reaction to every turn is calmly seducing us into belief. I also think that this is one of those stories where everyone ends up riding towards the sunset. That realization, when you are covered under multiple complex social issues, is comforting. And also educational. You feel inspired when all of a sudden all the issues, all of our perceptions of each character and elements, goes away within one scene, one information passed elegantly by the writers. This is powerful, beautiful and to its core raunchy. Fortunately, we have Karthryn Hahn in the lead spicing up this drama into a wild sexual adventure of “exploring” things. Take it like this, so if this was some sort of action packed series, you just got served with a cold dish titled “revenge” and it couldn’t have been more educational. And I emphasise the term educational for it is in contrast with parenting just as it is on being an individual. A proper individual. A social one. Not to show, but to know. In both the scenarios where the final act of the series lies, it could have passed through easily, but there is the inner voice seeking for the face that they will look into every time they are standing in front of the mirror. You should be able to look at it.

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