Silicon Valley

Following follows all the seasons. The Complete series. This is IT guys. Sorry.

John Altschuler, Mike Judge and Dave Krinsky, the creators of a nerd fest phenomenon, are sensationally and accurately on mark. And this is what they want. Should want. Getting their point across the room considering what it follows. The fans won’t leave this hungry series unturned for its solidarity and the pace with which the humor swiftly sweeps in. From start to finish, it has properly and also forcibly placed narrative arcs that never grow easier for us. What happens, is all the convoluting plot elements that took place starts giving us back which now looks easy. And the jokes come the similar way too. You see them try hard and even too hard to simply make us laugh. Something that doesn’t lure me. But an audience always appreciates it. So how do you communicate to an audience who is relatively a lud eye to all the technical scenarios, hurdles, conflicts that are to be solved? This show has repeatedly answered that question beautifully. You see them use familiar textbook solutions like Amanda Crew’s character where she gets into trouble or helps them through an outer perspective. You see a hero, a lead character, Thomas Middleditch portraying hard work on his own, owning the throne he sits on. And you see the way these writers express how big of an achievement was all of this, by towering a monument more than they, we had ever expected. And it is surprisingly visual. And it is visually spectacular. For a science world. A world floating with words and figures and facts that requires much higher IQ. It is the excellence of the makers that they got me hooked and made me laugh. Bravo. On the simplicity and not the complexity.

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