Castle Rock

Castle Rock is basically a mixture of all the mythological saga that we have witnessed. It’s just that this religion has Stephen King as the God.

Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason, the creators of this show are crazy fans of the Stephen King novel. For it is only their love for the stories, the characters, the world, and more precisely the town that makes them bend the rules and shred it to tiny pieces. One can only be so cruel to something that one loves so dearly. And you see that theme resonating in the series all along. The only regret of mine is that it isn’t as thought provoking as it is in its early episodes of each season. They rely upon engaging action sequences and the hidden plot points, by the end, that they disclose so arrogantly as an excuse or reframing it as the “fuel” of the plot track. It sprays blood, stabs hearts, peekaboos you with everything they had been withholding in their pockets. Things make sense. Random puzzle pieces fall perfectly into line. Marking the boundary and choosing their teammates for us to now either root against or for them. But it is the way the questions that are answered now were framed, is what shines on me. The way they stated the questionable elements was so smooth that we had just accepted the plot elements like a premise and got on with the new things. It is gruesome, violent and beautiful. I know it doesn’t add up but so were my emotions as I went through this incredibly rich show that gets things right and wrong. What is in its favour is that the right undermines the wrong decisions. And what’s right is fuelled by a smart script that keeps a smile plastered on our faces as we go through this terrifying tunnel, wincing and grinning on what they have pulled off.

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