The Bourne Ultimatum

Okay! So forget everything you know and expect from Jason Bourne. This is entirely new. It is entertaining. It is thrilling.

The director Paul Greengrass had an epiphany. That’s an exaggeration. But, stay with me. Whatever that I had mentioned or you have experienced in the previous two chapters, he has broken down into a thunderous formula. Why thunderous? Because it is so full of energy and exerts so much power that you will be chasing along Matt Damon in those narrow alleys and jumping from one building to another and trying to cover your asset in the middle of a.. well a busy public place- by the way, that is one of the best scenes of the entire franchise. Now, this formula is so addictive that Marvel, even after more than a decade later, is still hooked to this equation. You’ve got information fed to the characters that makes them amped up and then there is a sweet slot for them to show their skills and their emotions like some sort of fireworks are on display. That beat. The rhythm of talk-punch-talk is massively trending nowadays. Almost to an extent that it has been off putting for few viewers and even filmmakers (!). But if you looking for an origin of that idea. I think popping up The Bourne Ultimatum on your device is the perfect way to learn that. Also, besides all the plot twists and dazzlingly meticulous choreography of the action set pieces, the material is something that I never could fully understand. I always think of it as a nod to those soldiers that bravely contributes to the battles. That is the closest and the warmest answer I always find when finishing the film. It takes me back to those home without the country roads (I am sorry).

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