Star Wars: Episode 4 – A New Hope

Lucas has a mythological tale in his bedroom diary. A page turner is its secondary quality, the first is that we have never seen a book like this before.

The creator George Lucas opens a new school for his mature audience. Arguably he has invested everything of his and still has kept himself away from any loose ends. There are no strings attached and I don’t mean his reported vacation that he took with Steven Spielberg when the film premiered but also his filmography that has been so much different. This variation is visible in the “religious” aspect of the film. This religion, that asks for you to have faith, in return shows you the ways of the force. To both believers and non-believers. Bombarding you with plenty of information dutifully, our ship is slammed into hyperdrive that places us into the 4th chapter of this apparently-a-space-opera in the middle of a gruesome war. While this brutality is something that Lucas never forges in our cosmic experience, what we get is only a snippet of a puzzle that we are told to swoon over. And we will. Since this night out feels like joining someone else’s family dinner, Lucas directs this rare cinematic journey similar to it. We are always witnessing a scenario or entering a room after some major events have already passed on. And this is continued throughout the film. Even the action sequences formed in front of us, aren’t always delivered, informed us regularly. We get to know about the drastic consequences of them, later on. And even though those imageries will leave you shook while guiding us about the heavy stakes that the characters are playing with, it still doesn’t come off as dark as you’d imagine. For every contribution of the war in the film, in the bigger picture, it actually helps us and the characters to move forward and also in its own way, sense, boost us and them. Lucas brings alive his title A New Hope in every scene.

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