Following follows the first two season.

The creator Jesse Armstrong’s series is an innovative and fresh addition to those classic family-drama-done-with-a-bang shows. And I add the “bang” intentionally for it to swoop in the mafia and drug cartel shows along with the busy soap opera television sets that have ironically proved to be more addictive than the drug based shows. I envy the makers of these shows for they taunt me every time I watch this incredibly smart series make simply good choices. If I would dream to produce a show it would and should pretty much look like this. Witty and confident in its language, the writing is sharply to-the-point and meticulously observing to the reactions it casts on the characters and the world they take it for granted. Each episode is sensibly crafted and captures true character driven emotions and decisions making a meaningful philosophy out of the politically incorrect actions. Also, why politically, the eccentric billionaires in this world don’t and won’t draw the boundaries in any sort of morale issue. Which made me curious to know what is their that they might not do. And it is gossiping. There is no gossip. I mean, there is betrayal. The existence of the textbook cutthroat politics. The dirty deals made backstage. But there is no gossip. And instead a different mechanism for their safety is approached by them. They are ready to make more news rather than passing the existing one. No wonder they are in show business. And I find that really fascinating considering the two genres they have mixed. They have somehow managed to dodge this bullet. At the end of the day Succession makes me want to be a better person and that is just good storytelling.

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