Stranger Things

Following follows the first three season.

The Duffer Brothers are gushing out over 70s fantasy films in this splashy trend setting love letter to the now-teenagers and the ones back then. Ergo, the affection received by the fans comes flooding in, not for the razzle dazzle that this world thrives for but the accuracy it dares for. Before going in, on such a fiction world, it is often wisely and correctly, advised to dive in completely without being self-aware of the sketchiness involved in the- literal- topsy turvy world. Yet, consistently the Duffer Brothers are defying the evergreen rule in order to push the series for more than a cultural phenomenon. They wish for the series to hold against time and as a result, this banal obsession leads them to some of the best aspects of the storytelling. Yes, it every now and then fumbles to conjure up, not courage, but reason to walk out of the door slamming it hard on its audience, but these minor flaws are easily overcome by the frivolity in these characters. The outdo-ers are not the ground breakers but ground covering humanoid elements. For instance, let’s just walk through their bulletproof armor Eleven played magnanimously by Millie Bobby Brown. She is the right and wrong of the series, the world revolves around her, everything is in contrast to her, no matter how hard the makers try to make it about someone else, it always pins down to her. And hence, she isn’t taken for granted in here, she is tested, time after time, her ballet dance at the end of the act is not the win, but her fear of the stage and the audience around it, choreographs it elegantly. On supporting cast, David Harbour, as a father figure, draws you naturally, to what I consider has some of the best equation and scenes with Bobby Brown, than she has with Stranger Things.

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