Black Mirror

Following follows the first four season.

Brooker has got the perfect dream. This double edged sword is will always be untouched by the time factor, in the sense that it isn’t affected by the length of the series. Since after each chapter the clock starts ticking from zero, it doesn’t actually matter how long and far do they go from now on. Almost like a sketch show or a game show, it can always be recharged with new characters, world and satire. And since it basically is derived from the current political condition or more accurately the headline of the news, which is then exaggerated into a dogmatic futuristic view, that fans are evidently wolfishly chugging it up giddily. But as much as alluring and adaptive their worlds are, they never grow beyond it. Ticking for almost a feature length, each chapter has wafer thin content among which only few consists of juicy three dimensional characters and if thought about it, those are the complex characters that ups the game and marks some of the best chapter in the series. But lately, what has been a major issue in these avant garde chapters is that they are losing the original essence of these fables, that is, what was once thought provoking social satire, is now mere sadistic thriller where the writers are basically condemning the character, well.. the chair. The anthology just needs better backstage artists and some more time to make the highly detailed futuristic world bulletproof, after which it would come easy and not so effortful. Casting some of the huge stars, there are few of them that fits right in where they don’t take the concept for granted, since this is a series that offers quite a range for them to stretch their muscles, it could be a window for them to create a resume, on screen. Black Mirror is aptly titled, this pseudo reaction of our irrelevant actions, casts a pitch dark vision in front of us, blinding us indefinitely.

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