Dark Waters

Todd’s welcoming gift to this article alike film is important. Grammatically incorrect and even lofty in its speech. But suitably important and that is enough to peddle.

The director Todd Haynes’s desk is under tons and tons of paper. The challenging ones are shuffled in a two hour narration and sprinkled incoherently as opposed to a proper structure. It is very rare to see a film that is directed by someone and written by someone else and still lacks a definite pattern. Maybe that is the pattern or simply I don’t get it- it’s usually the latter one, trust me. But what Todd needs primarily is steadiness. Accepting the calmness, the patience that a job like such offers. Waiting for the formality to settle in and then stir the soup. He is just not ready to let it sit for a while. What we then get is always, everything is said to be in motion, no matter how inedible it grows. It is preposterous how the family drama, the conflict that could have easily rattled you, instead just disenchants you from buying into what they care about. It takes a lot of time for them to finally get into our head, almost in its final act, do we get to sit and mourn, meaningfully. To be honest, I am also going to blame the lack of chemistry between Anne Hathaway and Mark Ruffalo. Ruffalo who is basically a wild bear wearing a suit with manners and etiquette like some member of a White House joining for a big dinner, Hathaway unfortunately feels too sober to enjoy and let it affect her. She is simply not open enough. She had to hold the inner “warning” monologue of Ruffalo and instead she is found to be a delicious side dish that just doesn’t fit into this cruel chemically conspired world.

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