The Edge

So actually what it is, is Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins coversing, interviewing each other about acting. Come on, that can never be disappointing. Scruffy and earnest.

The director Lee Tamahori didn’t have to make this ’90s action thriller in the ’90s. Just the close up shots, the lofty script, ambitious cast, the ruffian look and tense environment screams to be placed under that category. I miss these kind of films. For me, there is a real earthiness that lost in our materialistic and cgi world. It is practical filmmaking to its capacity. And there are no regrets. I mean, there is a fight between a bear and a man. How did this happen? When did we start losing the touch of reality in the filmmaking process? And whilst the crisp editing, sharp sound effects and effectful performances make a brilliant case to be glued on the seat, what got a hold of me is the relationship between Anthony and Alec. What they share is truly innocent and unapologetic and wild in those woods. There is a sense of comradery that comes alive from the fact of their equation. Remember, official equation. The employer employee, the mentor mentee, the brotherhood is what helps them and us survive. Another major achievement of the film is how attached the characters and the world of these fellows are, to the practical life they have been detached by in this disaster. Usually the plot skips and leaps along with the characters that shows almost a new, different, questionable personality when left out in such wilderness. But here, Anthony just through his eyes whispers to us that he still is part of a community, society. He is bound and protected by laws. The Edge, to me, is that edge. That border that they hover around, survive around but never break.

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