Frozen 2

In terms of musical genre, Frozen 2 is balanced, if not perpetually gifting its audience what they expect.

Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, the co-writers and directors, may not be able to convince everyone to hum along this time. Especially not the audience as large as they gathered previously. But it is not their fault. They went for a more mature and lighter yet equally moving version of the stereotypical Disney formula. Now, I have been experiencing these Disney films since the very beginning just like most of us. And it has worked every time if done properly. And I have always wondered how that “teamwork” aspect draws you in. Melts you down. And makes you laugh, happy with tears in your eyes. But now that I think about it and am out of the screen watching this mesmerizing second chapter of the Frozen, I feel that the “optimism” also partakes majorly on bombarding you with satisfaction that rains on your command. I say “your” for the emotion, at the end of the day, remains subjective. The makers offers you plenty of equation and relationship and range and situation to cave yourself in. That unfathomable, unfiltered optimism along with the prophecy that states, “It is not what it seems” are the hidden gems in the script that is pulsating way too strongly for any of the evil spirit to tone it down. There are moments, there is this core theme of the soundtrack that advances the storyline beautifully. And fortunately, the songs revolving around it and the climax justifying it, is the call, the tease of the Holiday season we all want. What I love about this franchise, is that it is never only about the lead character. I know we’ve had proper supporting characters before too, but none of them contributes so profoundly as they do here.

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