Only The Brave

Brolin makes you care about everything and he keeps himself at the bottom of the list. No wonder, he is at the top of mine.

The director Joseph Kosinski’s films are not something that have caught my eye. And that is saying a lot, considering how his filmography contains one of the biggest, shiniest, loudest colourful CGI films like Tron : Legacy and Oblivion where mind you, once again the biggest star Tom Cruise was roaming about alone. And if you know the spoilers of the film there is more than Tom Cruise in the film- jumble this sentence at your own risk. Also, this is one of those films that has been on my radar but never actually got the chance to see it.

And not only because there is Josh Brolin at the heart of it or the film got a good reception but the fact that the film covers different timelines in the story about these indeed brave men. The story hops around a lot. And showcases snippets of character’s value, disease and hopefully the hint of medicinal pills that will keep them alive. While doing so the film could easily so loud, cheesy, predictable and amateurish. It is one of the most difficult jobs to pull off.

Hence, fascinated by what new method does Kosinski deal with this time jump I was amped for this biography. So what he uses is a sharp, on-your-face editing that embraces these video clips and tells frankly what the deal really is. You get used to with this procedure in these two hours to the extent that you start demanding to be treated like that. Only The Brave is a success on that very note. For it is a story about people living a lifestyle that we cannot imagine or adapt just as the supporting character often fails to and so it has to and it HAS to mold you to that gruesome training that they call routine.

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