Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Bespectacled. I love that word. Just like every other plot development in the film.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the powerpack duo, the writer and director, are trending like the next thing nowadays. And their fame traces back to this project that puts these skillful storytellers on the map. If you watched their film in the order like I did, you’d be able to see their growth and their current version’s structure like Neo played by Keanu Reeves does in the Matrix Trilogy. Ignoring the fact that I just thought of my myself as “the one” and what I just said could be and is easily wrong, Lord and Miller makes a great team. One thing that you would find common is how smart their characters are.

And if they treat their characters like it, they do their audience as well. And naturally then, there plot also moves rapidly and remains smart and intact in what it has to derive at the end of the day. There is also this business in not just the motion of the cameras but also the information passed on like a light joke. The film is easily gripping when too much goes on screen. And what we may call “Easter eggs” the delightful treats are in fact easy to grasp.

This is something that their other animated film, The Lego Movie, did suffer from. With too many characters, jokes and elements constructed in front of the screen, you get disenchanted and feel cheated, left out of the inner circle, as you fail to stay with the images moving on the screen. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs has a more simpler linear narrative arcs, that are predictable and charming. We know of these recipes, we have been at this dinner table and yet can’t wait to have more of this finger licking good; that’s not stealing, by the way.

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