Official Secrets

So Ralph comes in later, way too late. And still he takes over the film like, um.. you know who must not be named.

Gavin Hood is so not the director I would think of when a geo-political story is to be deconstructed on the screen. And is probably the only reason why this film works the best than any other maker could have made. We have a general perception by now on how to receive a film. You feel the tone of the film within the first five minutes and start adjusting yourselves accordingly. The assumption is both part of educating yourself on how to catch a film and also the disadvantageous alibi that one cannot get rid off. But every now and then a film comes that is uniquely volatile on the speech and has a spin that you’d be fooled by its nature. Not manipulative just incredibly fresh and uprightly vocal.

And that is the only reason why the film works. Against a standard script and a textbook execution, this brand new information flashed in front of you, is why you enjoy a film like this. Yes, enjoy. Entertaining is not the feeling you were hoping to receive in a film like such. And I know it might look like the film is substantially gifted and perhaps is why gripping throughout the course. But it is also the way it is structured.

There is real commercial visible in the way every information is passed. And there is nothing bad about that. Endorsing a material and sticking by the promise is what every consumer, viewer could hope for. For a film like Official Secrets that is about the dirty works going under the table the film is awfully clean. And not in some formal, paper-ish style but the old western genre kind. Your space is respectable and everyone gets room, lines, moments to fire the gun; the duel is soothing.

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